Project Description
TfsWord allows you to create and edit TFS work items using Microsoft Office Word 2007. TfsWord complements the Microsoft Office integration built into Team Explorer, adding work item editing capabilities to Word.

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Taking advantage of the new features introduced with Word 2007 and VSTO 3.0, such as content controls and XML data binding, you can use Word as a rich editor for your work items.


Some scenarios enabled by TfsWord:
  • Users can use Word to create work items instead of using other clients (such as Team Explorer or TeamSystem Web Access);
  • Users can quickly create a document based off a work item to print or send by email;
  • Templates can be created to support multiple formattings (e.g. Bugs and Tasks could use different templates);

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Technical Specification

Built on C# 3.0, VSTO 3.0 and .NET 3.5 SP1


  • End-User
    • Microsoft Office Word 2007 or later
    • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
    • VSTO Runtime 3.0
    • VSTS Team Explorer 2008 SP1
  • Development
    • Visual Studio Professional 2008 SP1, or
    • Visual Studio Team System 2008 SP1 (all editions)
    • Microsoft Office Word 2007 or later
    • VSTS Team Explorer 2008 SP1


Portions of this software have been developed and contributed by the following people:

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